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For the forex market there are many providers and agencies for news, where the data on economic developments or important reports of the big banks can be found. The news is often made available to you in real time. This is a crucial factor as quick action on the Forex can often make the difference between profit and loss. Once you have your own trading platform from a broker, real-time news streams are integrated free of charge.

Since a great deal of news appears every day on the subject of Forex and currencies, the reports should be selected somewhat - according to important and less important. News that describes, for example, the development of a company or its balance sheets, are less on the Forex more important than on the stock exchange. However, the reports from the major central banks or central banks are more interesting and trend-setting.

Forex News

Analyst opinions

Forex News

There are also analysts for Forex News, evaluate the reports and use them to forecast future price developments. Especially when central banks open up their monetary policy stance or the key interest rate is changed by a central bank, the opinion of experienced analysts should not be underestimated. Because the Forex is an exchange for When it comes to foreign exchange or currencies, it is easy to imagine that the big banks are setting the course. Economic data, the labor rate or the level of inflation form the indirect pillars in which direction the Forex or a currency pair develops.

The right time for news

There is a lot of news and reports that are published on a regular basis. For a good one It is almost mandatory for traders to know when important or relevant news appears. Sometimes you can see the market immediately waits directly in front of important messages (little turnover). Once a piece of news has been published, it can sometimes become a little "rally" in one direction. News are integrated into the trading platforms, which are also searched according to specific criteria or a calendar even shows the dates when important news influencing the mood of the market is pending.

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