Forex Broker Comparison

Trade Forex currencies

In order to trade foreign exchange on the Forex, one needs to know about the processes and tactics in the foreign exchange market. An iron discipline and a good understanding of the technical indicators (chart analysis) are a prerequisite.

High volatility

Big banks, investment banks and hedge funds generate very high turnover on the Forex daily, while working very profitably. The annual profit is often in the double-digit percentage range. The brokers that allow the retail investor to also participate in the forex Trading is called a retail broker. Today's technology and the Internet make it possible for private investors to access this market. Indicators of a trend or trend reversal are often caused by a change in interest rates by the central banks, political events or the development of the current economy.

Forex Devisen

Low share capital and fast handsl

Forex Devisen

To create an account on the forex as a private investor To be able to open a relatively small share capital is enough. With some brokers this is sometimes less than 100 euros. In the meantime, you can also get raw materials, Trade gold and silver or oil on the forex. Here, too, there are variable levers and multiple orders are executed very quickly.

Chart analysis

The charts on the Forex are very meaningful and trend-setting. A thorough analysis of the charts and identifying trend channels are essential to success on the Forex. In the worst case, a superficial approach can lead to a total loss.

Entry into the foreign exchange market

When you first touch the foreign exchange market, you quickly realize that the economy is always in motion. The Forex is known as an honest, fair and transparent market, where you can trade 24 hours a day. This makes this market unique in the world. Above all, the high trading volume cannot be found on any other exchange in the world. In the beginning you will be overwhelmed by Forex. But as soon as you have first experiences with it has made, one is enthusiastic about the speed and the possibilities of this exchange.

Transparency in the foreign exchange market

With over $4 trillion in turnover daily, the Forex currency market is the busiest. In addition to this liquidity, the Forex also offers a high level of transparency. Insider knowledge like on the stock markets is unknown on the forex. You just need a certain amount of experience. Gain more and more experience and learn to trade successfully on Forex.