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Forex demo account

The demo account offers all the functionalities that a "real" forex account also offers, except that you are trading with play money. You are practically trading on the forex with a professional trading platform in real time. The only difference is that it is Demo money is traded and you can thus gain initial experience. Trade Forex currency pairs, indices, CFDs in real conditions and bitcoins. Get a feel for the fast forex market or try new strategies. It doesn't matter if you are a forex beginner or professional trader – a demo account is suitable for every trader. Especially beginners can practice what with a demo account ultimately makes it easier to choose a good broker.

The demo account is of course free of charge and is offered by every forex broker. All you have to do is register with your email address and you will usually receive access and the software after just a few minutes.

Forex demo account

Demo account features

Forex demo account

The demo account offers the same features as a real money account. You receive real-time courses with professional tools for evaluating the charts. Real-time news is as well contain. This allows you to trade under absolutely real conditions.

Test multiple platforms

Operating the account should be easy for you to understand, and the speed of executing an order is also a factor. Once you have found the platform that suits you the most and have already gained some experience with it, you can contact the respective broker open an account with real money.

Period of the demo account

A demo account can usually only be used or tested for a few weeks. Registering again for the same thing Although a demo account is usually possible, you no longer have access to the statistics of the previous account.

Gain experience and try out strategies

The usual test period of the demo account is often sufficient to gain initial experience and to test the software extensively. It can also make sense to run a demo account in addition to a real account. You can try new strategies risk-free, in order to further expand his experience on the Forex.

Test autotrader with demo account

A demo account is also great for testing automated strategies. This gives you the opportunity Try out your own strategies with automatic trading systems without having to risk real money.

Demo account especially suitable for beginners

A demo account is particularly recommended for beginners and forex newbies. Since the brokers from the sales their Denying profits, it is often recommended to quickly open an account with real money. For traders with little experience of Forex, these can, especially at the beginning, be a bit overwhelmed with the forex market. Therefore, use the possibilities of the demo account extensively until you feel safe and a certain routine have developed. After a few weeks/months you will be well prepared to start trading Forex !

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